Fisherman village encounters

I need to construct a random encounter table for a fisherman village my players are currently in. They are in the village of Dreg, in Dolmenwood. The village is ridden with crime, and is mostly not a fishing, but a farming village. Nevertheless, I have changed some things around, so I needed a table with more people to run into to supplement what has been so far released in the Dolmenwood handbook snippets.

I would roll on this table for a non-combat encounter. It is for simple flavour, though there are some entries with plot hooks. It mostly focuses on the area that would be the docks and the market. I also use a separate table for night encounters which are more “dangerous”, or for combat encounters. But those are more easily done as simple city encounters, e.g. from the OSE manual, or from any number of other sources.

Anyways, it’s a simple one for the return from the holidays. Roll a d20!

11d4 fishermen, tugging a boat in harbor. They are coming home nearly empty handed. They curse the donations made to the temple, which clearly did not help.
2Marlow, a cleric for the local temple, preaching forgiveness in the most crime-ridden area of town.
3Reena, a fishmonger who is after the freshest product. She is in fact a witch enchanting the fish: consumers are charmed to do her bidding.
4Connor Candleswick, a rich merchant who runs shipping expeditions. He is stuck in this town as his galley awaits repairs after being attacked by a sea monster. He is secretly smuggling magical herbs into the town.
5A crowd forms in the harbor. At its center, the corpse of Gundar, a veteran sailor, lies washed ashore. Its arm was mangledby a terrible beast.
6A hooded figure is seen disappearing into a wall after following the party around. A seemingly normal house is an illusion.
7A pair of elderly ladies, scaling fish. They tell stories of an ancient sea fairy who fell in love with an evil pirate to a raptured audience of small children.
8Carla, a short woman carrying several scrolls under her arm. She is an inspector for the local lord, keeping tabs on the comings and goings of ships. She is looking for smuggled cargo.
9Angus, an enterprising young kid who is sure to have found a treasure map. He asks the party to go check out the location.
10Vanda, the owner of the local tavern, out to retrieve new casks of ale. Strangely, the last batch was bad…
11Smilne, a seclusive scholar who is said to be compiling a tome on all water monsters. He is locked in a bitter academic dispute with the court historian over the first recorded appearance of sea snakes.
12Cairn, a bard/musician/jester who also dries and pickles root vegetables and sells them on the street to make ends meet.
13A group of guards passing by, mentioning that “the crazy old man in the town prison is clutching to an oyster and talking to it day and night! I could swear that oyster was smaller yesterday…”
14Nimo, once captain of a mighty warship. Ostracised for fleeing a decisive battle, he is manning his own fishing boat.
151d4 farmers from further inland, on their way into town to look for a missing child. They are convinced a witch is involved.
16Thatrout, a mercenary passing through town, travelling to a bigger city to find employment.
17Fastrada, a halfling, sitting outside a hut smoking large batches of fish, to the dismay of the neighbours.
18Timo, a beggar, walking through the street asking for small coins in exchange for a blessing. He is fond of foreigners, whom he calls “free ones”, no matter where they are from.
19Menvan, the blacksmith. He mostly produces fishing spears. He knows old legends of infusing the spirit of the sea into an anvil, and is obsessed with finding how to do it.
20A group of guards arrives on the scene and wants to search a boat or a person for contraband.
Yes, I have watched Luca. We don’t have vespas here.

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