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I got that sweet sweet random table you are craving. The one you did not dare to ask about. Yes, that lake generator thing we talked about while poisoning ourselves kobold moonshine.

I have used one of these lakes in combination with one of the Trilemma adventures, and it turned out quite well, for what it’s worth. Roll 1d12 per column.

DiceFirst featureSecond featureFloraFauna, monsters, people…
1The lake is on a hot sulfur gas stream which bubbles to the top.Waters are very dark, it is impossible to tell the depths.Thin, long, pale grass, barren vegetation. Sagebrush.A tribe of kobold hunters hides in the vegetation.
2The lake has several stone spires rising from its waters.Waters are cystal clear, calm reflective.Mossy, with mushrooms set to defend the place.If you go fishing, you can catch a speaking fish that can assist you in your quest.
3The lake has shiprweck at the bottom. How the shop got there from a sea (or the sky?) is a mystery.Choppy waters, constant strong crosswindsThe center of the lake has a perfectly hexagonal group of water lilies. Eerily symmetrical.The lake has a group of islets that are contested between different tribes of lizardfolk.
4The lake has a crumbled watchtower rising above the waters.Saltwater lake. It has unnatural red color, and there is a beach made of salt crystals.The lake is surrounded by willows with long branches falling in the water. They seem to move on their own…Protected by a fanatical sect of druid “ecoterrorists”.
5The lake has 6 rivers flowing in, and one flowing out. Cults/legends swirl about the meaning of the rivers.Muddy lake, renowned for its healing properties.Ferns and a mini bamboo forest poking out of the waters.The ghosts of two peasants drowned in a witch hunt haunt the lake.
6The beautiful lake is the final resting place of a mighty warrior. His mausoleum lies besides the water.The water is gray, devoid of life. It does not reflect.The lake’s vegetation has been deeply mutated, corrupted, by a magical force. Trees and plants have humanoid features and look wounded.A sect of 2d6 cannibals gathers here at night
7The lake has an abandoned, molding group of stilt houses.One of the shores of the lake has a sandy beach.The lake has lush vegetation, but some plants are sentient/carnivore.Herds of large animals or monsters stop by the lake to drink during migrations.
8The lake is a device that stores memories.The lake is covered in ice regardless of the season or climate.The lake is surrounded by lavander fields. A positive, healing energy emanates from the field.The lake fluoresces from its sentient jellyfish community.
9The lake is holy to a divinity, but hotly contested by another.The lake used to be much larger, but its basin has almost fully dried out since an event made rivers change course.Thick brambles make moving around the shore difficult.The lake is guarded by a Naga.
10The lake is wizard-made, and its waters are illusory: it hides an underwater lair.The waters swirl in strong spiral currents. An artifact keeps them in motion.Large bushes with berries of fantastical colors and mysterious effects.The lake is a meeting spot for smugglers of necromantic potions ingredients.
11The lake edges over a cliff and generate a massive waterfall. A huge, majestic obsydian acqueduct departs from the cliff. It has stood for millennia.Swamp lake, still water of green color and low depth.Parts of the shore are overrun by an aggressive plant which seems to be snaking out of the water.A merchant has set up a shop on the shore, as it is a common stopover. 50% chance the merchant is a lycanthrope.
12The lake is surrounded by limestone structures, one of which shows a fossil of a sea monster. The lake has several small skiffs abandoned on the shore that can be used to navigate a complex system of winds separating the sides.The lake is surrounded by tar pits.Once a month, the lake is visited by hill giants taking care of their water supply. They arrive with huge buckets.

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